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Eat the Rainbow

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Weekly Meal Planner

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Clean 15 Dirty 12 UK list

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Monthly Habit Tracker

Free downloads



Healthy Hormones

Perfect introduction book for women who are just starting to learn about hormones and nutrition. Lots of practical tips to balance your hormones as well as recipes.


period repair manual.jpg

Period Repair Manual

This book covers all issues related to periods and provides in-depth education on the menstrual cycle. It should be every woman's 'bible' when it comes to menstrual health. 



The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

If you are struggling with thyroid disorders or low energy/stress, this is a great read, written by a medical doctor and herbalist. 



Intuitive Eating Workbook

This walks you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use your internal wisdom to enjoy eating food in a peaceful, healthy way.


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Low Tox Life

This book helps you tackle the toxic world we live in and get rid of harmful toxins in your daily environment, focusing on four key area: Body, Home, Food and Mind.





Hemsley Hemsley

This stunning cookbook includes over 150 mouth-watering recipes - all of which are free from grain, gluten, refined sugar and high starch.



The Doctor's Kitchen

An all-in-one cookbook, as Dr Aujla provides a great introduction explaining the principles of healthy eating, followed by 100 lovely recipes.



5 Ingredients

Jamie Oliver shows you how easy it is to cook delicious and healthy meals with just five simple ingredients. 




If you're vegan and want to make sure you're eating balanced meals, this is the best cookbook you can find. 140 easy and tasty plant-based recipes.



The Good Stuff

A must-have for all parents, with lots of information and tips to help your children eat well, and delicious recipes for the whole family.





Natural MD Radio

feel better live more.png

Feel Better Live More

nourishing women podcast.jpg

Nourishing Women

funktional nutrition podcast.jpg

Funk'tional Nutrition

fertility foundations.jpg

Fertility Foundations

Aviva Romm is a Medical Doctor and Herbalist, in this show she dishes on everything from thyroid and hormone problems to natural living and children's health.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee invites leading health experts, to debunk common health myths and give you tools to revolutionise how you eat, sleep, move, and relax.

The Nourishing Women Podcast is a women’s health podcast on all things intuitive eating, body image, holistic healing, wellness and so much more.

Honest conversations with functional nutritionist Erin Holt, sharing insight into hot topic nutrition, plus interviews with thought leaders in the functional medicine world. 

A great podcast for those who are experiencing problems with fertility and want to understand more about how they can take charge of their own path to parenthood. 





A meal planning app with loads of recipes catering for different diets (low carb, vegetarian, vegan, paleo...), you can create your week's meal plan and a shopping list.



Free and easy-to-use workout app, the more you use it, the more workouts you unlock. You start off with three lives, and you lose a heart each time you skip a day.

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Think Dirty

The app you need if you want to avoid toxins in your cosmetics and personal care products. Scan the barcode of a product and quickly assess its safety.


Think Up

This app helps you incorporate positive affirmations in your daily life. You can search for affirmations on different topics, create your own, and set daily reminders.



A very comprehensive app with guided meditation sessions on various themes (happiness, gratitude, stress...), relaxing soundtracks and breathing exercises!

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