My approach

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” said Hippocrates. Food is much more than just energy for your body, it is information. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients found in food are used by your body to grow, repair, produce hormones, neurotransmitters, eliminate toxins, and so much more. What you eat and how you eat has a direct impact on your health and a balanced diet can nourish your body in incredible ways. This is what Nutritional Therapy is all about.

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach used to maximise health through nutritional and lifestyle changes.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I promote the benefits of good and wholesome foods for optimal well-being, as well as the therapeutic effects of particular foods for specific health conditions. I consider the body as being made up of interdependent systems, which work together to keep us in good health. Environmental inputs such as dietary choices, sedentary jobs, and chronic stress, in combination with our genes, can cause these systems to get out of balance.

Did you know?

Broccoli contains twice the vitamin C of an orange and almost as much calcium as whole milk

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc, which can help balance hormones and support fertility

When I work with a new client, I put my detective hat on and use a wide range of tools (e.g. detailed health questionnaire, medical history, symptom analysis, lifestyle and dietary analysis, and functional testing) to identify biochemical, hormonal, and microbiological imbalances and understand how these may contribute to your symptoms.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you cut through the noise and misleading headlines, and focus on what is important to your health.  I want to be your ally in health and help you integrate sustainable habits as well as to provide support, education, and guidance so that food is not an obstacle to cure, but a partner in health.