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Food Ingredients in Bowls

Nutritional Therapy

The word 'Nutritional Therapy' literally means "to cure by food". According to the principles of Nutritional Therapy, food acts directly on a person's state of health . Nutritional Therapy aims to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to function optimally in all circumstances.

The science of Nutritional Therapy was born at the beginning of the 20th century but the very principle of 'Food as medicine' has been around for a long time.  5000 years ago, Chinese doctors used to prescribe algae to patients with goiters, in order to correct their iodine deficiency which was causing the enlargement of their thyroid gland. This therapeutic use of food is an integral part of traditional medicines around the world (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine ...), and is slowly becoming part of modern medicine.


  Nutritional Therapy is a scientific and holistic approach that aims to optimise your health through diet.  

Nutritional Therapy is therefore aimed at anyone wishing to take charge of their health through a balanced and healthy diet.  Whether you suffer from fatigue, headaches, irregular cycles or digestive problems ... Food will always be your best medicine!

My goals as a Nutritional Therapist:

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Investigate your health to understand how your body works


Identify nutritional deficiencies and poor eating habits that influence your health

Take into consideration all aspects of your life: your emotions, stress, environment ...


Address root causes and not just symptoms


Help you find the right diet for you over the long haul

To learn more on this subject, feel free to check my articles and book a free discovery call.

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